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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card and Sympathy for the Devil by Holly Lisle

I finished reading Sympathy for the Devil a couple days ago, and I finished reading Ender's Game while I waited for my husband and his friend to return from their Longs Peak climb.

I might comment more later, but for now I just want to log them as read.

Ender's Game definitely leaves me thinking, and unlike many others I didn't see the end coming ("one of those, I never saw it coming but it makes total sense" great things). But I have my issues with it - the believability that six year olds would use such a method of speaking. Even highly gifted kids still talk like kids. Anyway...good book. I've got Ender's Shadow, which I bought at an *extremely* local bookstore; these are hard to find in remote places; so that's on my thick pile of books in the 'now' bookcase.

Sympathy for the Devil was fun. I found Holly Lisle through her website, where there are probably a hundred helpful articles about writing. I'd like to read her most recent book. There were lots of genuinely funny parts to the book, but I think the theme suffered by not having realistic characters. But then again, it's a fantasy book; not that it gets 'space' in that way, but you only have so many words to tell a story. I think my willingness to read more of her work shows that I like her writing--those insertions of great humor are what I really appreciate.

Right now I'm reading Janet Evanovich's Three to Get Deadly.


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